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Dean Skipper
Dean Skipper
Managing Director

Dean has been involved in the building industry for over 29 years.


Passionate and enthusiastic about everything he does, Dean’s old school. As he says, “Just roll up the sleeves and get stuck”. That attitude typifies his team at 101 Homes.


We’re fortunate to have good, dedicated staff who will go the extra mile to look after our clients.

Licensed building practitioner for Roofing in classes 2 and 4, Dean is still operating the same roofing company that he started over 28 years ago!

Having also been building houses for the past 19 years, Dean was a former registered master builder with the Master Builders Federation until 2012, he relinquished his Master Builders member ship upon his return to Mount Maunganui as he didn’t think he would be building houses anymore.

It didn’t take long before itchy feet and a golden opportunity meant he returned to building houses once again! So he is currently working through the criteria to be reinstated as a member of the Master Builders Federation.

Dean is a family man through and through, married with three children.
His wife is a technician for a local eye specialist, eldest daughter is a senior hair stylist, son studying surveying down at Otago University and youngest daughter currently attending Mount Maunganui College in year 11.
Dean is actively involved with his children from school camps to managing and coaching sports teams.

Keeping very active himself completing a triathlon and a half marathon, surfing in various locations such as Bail, Mentawis and Fiji, and is an all round team player being involved with Rugby, Basketball and Cricket. Dean finds that exercise is the a key ingredient to keeping the mind active and achieving a balanced life style.

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